Akari-Lisa Ishii/JP/FR

Akari-Lisa Ishii/JP/FR, I.C.O.N.

Tokyo-born Akari-Lisa Ishii studied in Tokyo/JP and at UCLA/US and ESDI/FR. After training in lighting design at Howard Brandston & Partners and Motoko Ishii Lighting Design, she joined Light Cibles, where she headed the design team.

Since the foundation of I.C.O.N. in Tokyo and Paris in 2004, she has been involved in a wide range of lighting design projects around the world, besides speaking at conferences, writing, and painting. With expertise in the field of lighting for the urban realm, architecture, interior spaces, events, museums and stage productions, she is currently working on diverse projects all over the world. Her representative works include the Centre Pompidou Metz, Barcelona Gran Via Exhibition Centre, the Cherbourg Water Tower, Kabuki Theatre, “Lighting Messages from Japan on the Seine”, “La Psalette” cloister in Tours, plus the Festival of Lights in Lyon and many more.

Akari-Lisa is a member of the International Lighting Designers’ Association (IALD) and the French lighting designers’ association (ACE). She is the author of “Iconic Light”, “The City and the Light – Enlightened Paris” (Suiyosha), and winner of the Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy in conjunction with the Festival of Lights in Lyon. She has also received the Grand Prix of Lighting Design from ACE, the Trophy Lumiville award, and many Design Awards from IESNA.
In 2015, she was listed as one of 120 most representative Japanese women by the Bungei-Shunju magazine.

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Light upside down

Presentation date: 27. October
Presentation time: 16:55

In her presentation Akari-Lisa Ishii will share her experience of designing lighting for different events and exhibitions using the illusionistic play of light to create a unique or unexpected effect to surprise visitors. She will do this by presenting three examples: the Hermès’ men’s collection launching party entitled “Men upside down” in Hong Kong; the Pierre Paulin exhibition featuring the famous French designer’s furniture designs in Tokyo; and the Commemoration event of the 150th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, where Akari-Lisa was one of the producers to realize the world’s largest interactive projection in an outdoor public space.
The presentation will conclude with an analysis of the interesting relationship between the lighting applications and the visitors’ behavioural response.