Artemide as Silver Partner

Artemide as Silver Partner

Artemide, a historical leader in lighting, has always been a synonym for Innovation and Made in Italy. Their products are regarded internationally as contemporary design icons.

Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide is based in Pregnana Milanese and operates through worldwide subsidiaries. The distribution network includes branded showrooms in the main cities around the world. With five manufacturing units in Italy, France, Hungary, Canada, a glass works, and one Research & Development centre supported by prototype labs and ground-breaking tests, Artemide currently has more than 700 employees, including 60 engaged in R&D, thus confirming the key role that innovation plays in the Group’s success.

Artemide Design and Architectural collections provide a unique blend of values: a sound approach to human needs, coupled with the responsible application of light. This, combined with design and material expertise, translates into a combination of next-generation technology and well-founded wisdom – a perfect expression of sustainable design.

Technological research, partnerships with renowned architects, as well as sociological studies, provide the basis for innovative projects capable of delivering powerful long-term illumination. 

Artemide is addressing important research issues connected with photonics and new technologies to outline a future vision, a new way to interpret and experience light. The company is moving towards new frontiers of design where the core is no longer simply the product as such, but new intelligence related to lighting control: smart and digital management systems, the Internet of Things, sensors, apps, LI-FI, Geo Li-Fi, and the design of true software innovations.

The numerous invention patents associated with the development of Artemide products, plus the international acknowledgements obtained for innovation and sustainability, are clear evidence of the company’s future-oriented design approach.

Vision, values, research, competence and manufacturing skills translate into the design of beautiful timeless products. 

Artemide is continually aware of and involved in all light-related issues, providing wisdom through action with its in-depth manufacturing know-how.