Cities’ Forum 2018

Cities’ Forum 2018

This platform of learning and discussion targets cities from around the world who are currently investigating the potential and sense of digitalisation in the public realm. The goal of this forum is to inform the cities attending of the scope and risks of digitalisation, and to provide them with some practical input and guidelines for approaching this issue and implementing solutions to the benefit of the users of the public spaces. Besides key presentations, the Cities’ Forum incorporates a work-in-progress session where cities may announce what urban lighting issues they are currently addressing, plus F2F talks, where attendees take part in a series of moderated discussions.

The topics for the F2F talks are:

 – Understanding what is “smart”

– Decision-making on lighting at local authority level

– Light art in the urban realm

– Human needs in public spaces

– What makes a digitalisation expert


The programme of the Cities’ Forum is published here.

To register for the Cities’ Forum please use the registration form here.