Cities’ Forum Keynote Speaker Mark Burton-Page/FR

Mark Burton-Page/FR, LUCI

Mark Burton-Page is General Director of LUCI, the international network of cities on urban lighting based in Lyon, France. LUCI brings together 70 cities and 40 associate members engaged in using sustainable urban lighting to enhance the quality of life.

He is in charge of the strategy and development of LUCI in liaison with the Executive Committee. He focuses his work on strengthening the exchange of knowledge and know-howon lighting between cities worldwide. This is mainly made possible through LUCI mutual learning and sharing events, projects, and thematic publications. Mark is editor-in-chief of Cities & Lighting,the bi-annual magazine published by LUCI.

Previously, he worked as Programme Manager at the European Forum for Urban Security. Mark holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Paris University.


Mark Burton-Page will hold a Keynote lecture at the Cities’ Forum:

The potential and sense of digitalisation in the public realm

Presentation date: 25. October
Presentation time: 10:00