Cities’ Forum 2017

Cities’ Forum 2017

The pre-convention Cities’ Forum, which ran from 10.00 to 17.45 and was moderated throughout the day by architect and urban planner Riccardo Marini. The meeting began with a keynote by Roger Narboni, who has realised more than 130 lighting master plans.

Dr. Elettra Bordonaro and Dr. Don Slater from the London School of Economics then gave a presentation on the expectations of urban lighting in the 21st century. Their talk included a report on the Social Lightscapes workshop they carried out in Paris prior to PLDC. The workshop was the last in a series that forms the basis for the Configuring Light research project.

Johannes Koponen from the research initiative Demos Helsinki then gave a presentation on a research project entitled The Naked Approach, which is aimed at a hyper-connected society with a Nordic flavour. This was followed by a new feature of the Cities’ Forum which gave attendees the chance to play an active part in the programme: work-in-progress reports shed light on what projects and/or urban lighting issues are currently being addressed.

The programme continued with Dr. Natalie Pfau-Weller from the Fraunhofer Institute, who described the next phase of the City of Tomorrow (Morgenstadt) project to the audience.
Moderator Riccardo Marini then took to the stage and together with lighting designer Tapio Rosenius addressed the topic of public realm lighting: who has the answers – who are the experts? Who needs who – and when?

As at PLDC 2015 in Rome, the Cities’ Forum concluded with F2F talks, where attendees were encouraged to move from table to table and take part in moderated discussions lasting 15 minutes each. A full report of the F2F talks will be provided at a later date.

Download the programme and speakers of the Cities’ Forum here.

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