Closing remarks on PLDC 2017 in Paris

Closing remarks on PLDC 2017 in Paris

Shift happens and the lighting design profession is moving towards the future.

By Joachim Ritter

PLDC 2017 in Paris is now officially history. But the signs which have been sent out into the world are still affecting the lighting design market like waves on the ocean. The lighting design community is acknowledging the changes within the market and is prepared to get ready to face the future.

In the name of the PLDC Steering Committee, Roger Narboni and Alison Ritter, as well as the PLDC events team and our partners, I would like to thank everybody for supporting and attending PLDC in Paris and making it a most memorable event. 2165 registered attendees is a number we never expected after the 1724 attendees we welcomed in Rome in 2015. On Wednesday morning, even before PLDC started, we had to announce that the event is sold out. PLDC was successful in every aspect and showed how the lighting design market can work together to develop state-of-the-art architectural lighting to a world that recognises the needs of humans, and respects the earth and nature.

Many thanks to everyone who attended PLDC 2017 in Paris. We trust you were inspired by the presentations and discussions, that you enjoyed the supporting programme, and have gained further confidence as part of the lighting design community.

Joachim Ritter, Convention Head PLDC 2017

So much more needs to be said, and it will take some time to digest everything that happened. Therefore, please understand if I do not go into more detail just now. There will be a lot more reports within the next weeks. But for sure one of the consequences is that we now have a lot of work to do in the interest of the market.

It is clear that there is the will to develop lighting design to the level of a recognised profession. This is the basis for VIA-Verlag backed by the lighting design community, represented by the Alliance and heading for the next level of professionalism based on the CPD set-up we are working on. The goal is to develop the skills of professional lighting designers and to differentiate them from others on the market.

The political meetings during PLDC, such as the Educators’ and Researchers’ meetings, the Cities’ Forum, The Alliance meeting, as well as the Media Architecture Think Tank were fruitful and gave clear guidance for next steps.

We have therefore decided to take the next step to further strengthen this process and we invite everybody to join the movement. PLDC will change from a biannual to an annual event and at the same time reach out and be present in Asia and America, alternating with Europe. PLDC 2018 will take place in Singapore in October 2018. In 2019, we will again be in a city in Northern Europe, and in 2020 we will be taking PLDC to New York City. In 2021, PLDC will be in Europe again. The location for 2021 will be announced at PLDC 2019. Between the different editions, we are considering staging a number of warm-ups and partnering with other related events, as always.

This is the basis for embarking on a professional programme to establish and promote the profession globally. CPD will be an issue worldwide, together with involving more architects, public and private clients, and professionals from other disciplines.

As of 2018, VIA will also launch the PLD©PD website, which allows designers to continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills and document their learning progress accordingly.

We invite everybody to join the movement in the interest of the profession.


Joachim Ritter