Educators’ meeting 2017

Educators’ meeting

PLDC hosted an Educators’ meeting again in Paris. The event offered educators the opportunity to share ideas about their work and the development of the Educators’ network. One focus of this year’s meeting was the status quo of university programmes dedicated to Lighting Design.

The PLDC pre-convention meeting for Educators took place on 1. November, 2017, at the Palais des Congrés.

The meeting was moderated by Alison Ritter and Malcolm Innes, who began with an update on the discussions and work achieved by a Think/Do Tank on the lighting profession and lighting education. This includes defining a career path in Lighting, and compiling a core curriculum for academic programmes, which all led to the idea of launching an Alliance for the lighting community and, as a consequence, a structured CPD set-up. Universities will be invited to provide CPD modules / learning opportunities (all content to be assessed for quality and relevance by a panel of reviewers made up of practising professionals and experienced educators).

One idea that came out of the round of talks following the introduction was to consider providing a summer programme for lighting educators. Another topic that was raised was “creative thinking” as part of an academic programme.

Guest speaker Dr.Natalia Bystryantseva, Head of the Art & Science Institute and Director of the Creative Lighting Design (CLD) programme at  ITMO University in St. Petersburg then spoke on the topic: Education that breaks down barriers – academic programmes today need to prepare lighting designers to act as “alchemists” and synthesise different kinds of sciences, art and technologies to create new scope for design.

ITMO sees the most important tasks in a global social context (not purely in Lighting Design) and approach design tasks for today, tomorrow, and the long-term perspective. Finding solutions for these tasks and pursuing research is the basis of ITMO’s orientation in the educational process. The most important thing is to provide the tools and create the environment for the generation of ideas. The most important thing is to create flexible educational programmes which can support young people in their search for alternative ways to achieve their professional orientation, and which can quickly adapt to rapid changes in the modern world.

Malcolm Innes and Emre Günes from PLD Turkey then addressed the idea of setting up TED for Lighting talks. They will develop this idea and provide further information soon.

The full report will be published in the next PLD magazine.

Follow-up to PLDC 2017 in Paris

Specific educators are interested in restarting the Educators’ Network initiative. An idea would be to hold a next meeting at Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt/DE

For more information on the Educators’ meeting please contact Alison Ritter, aritter@via-internet.com