Francesco Iannone/IT & Serena Tellini/IT

Francesco Iannone/IT & Serena Tellini/IT, Consuline

Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini have designed the lighting for exhibitions, museums and churches plus a wide variety of other spaces around the world. Among their most famous projects are the lighting of the Formula 1 circuit in Shanghai, the lighting master plan for the Olympic Games in Beijing, and the lighting for the National Grand Theatre in Beijing.

In the course of their career, they have illuminated major art exhibitions such as those of Giovanni Bellini, Titian and Lorenzo Lotto at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome, but also contemporary art exhibitions such as Tony Cragg in Lucca, or Egon Schiele in Lugano.

They have designed the lighting for city centres and cities in Italy and abroad, held lectures on lighting in many universities around the world (in Beijing, Nanjing, Bangkok, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Edinburgh, Lugano and Venice), and taught advanced courses in continuing education and for Masters degrees. Their projects have been published internationally.

In Monza, after redefining the lighting for the historic town centre and the Museum and Treasure Chamber of the cathedral, Francesco and Serena are now working on the lighting of the Zavattari Chapel and the Iron Crown, investigating the relationship between neuroscience and light. Thanks to the strategic vision of the Gaiani Foundation to develop a new museological approach, they are also working in a research laboratory for LED lighting, located in the Museum and Treasure Chamber of the cathedral in Monza.

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A new approach to lighting office environments

Presentation date: 27. October
Presentation time: 10:10

The prime concept behind the Edison Energia project comprises the deep interaction between elements of furniture and lighting. Beyond that, it addresses the dynamic quality of light that changes its spectral conditions in accordance with the circadian rhythm cycle as an established parameter.
Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini will present their approach to designing an artificial environment that reproduces the complexity of the natural environment.