Greta Smetoniute/UK & Matt Waugh/UK

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Greta Smetoniute/UK & Matt Waugh/UK, Michael Grubb Studio

Greta Smetoniute became a member of the Michael Grubb Studio team in 2014 after graduating from the Arts University of Bournemouth with a BA (Hons) in Costume & Performance Design.
Greta’s production skills continued beyond lighting and have been used to generate light art animations for the Oliver Jeffers Exhibition, Seven Stories, and the Gardens of Light Festival.
She has worked on a variety of important projects, from museums and exhibitions to visitor centres and art installations. During 2016, Greta worked with the retail company LUSH to deliver an award-winning lighting scheme (as recognized at the 2016 Lux Awards) that is currently being implemented in all their new stores around the world.

Matthew Waugh is a Senior Lighting Designer at Michael Grubb Studio.
Matthew studied Architecture at the Arts University of Bournemouth, graduating with a BA (Hons) before undertaking a Masters in 2013/15. Matt’s final major was based on Walter Benjamin’s concept of ‘Phantasmagoria’. The project responded to the community and the economic downturn in social centres through the study of ecosophy in the built environment. Matthew has been working with light since 2012, where he worked for DPA Lighting consultants on a wide range of projects, including hotels, bars, restaurants, retail and high-end residential. Matt joined Michael Grubb Studio in 2013 and is actively involved in all aspects of the Studio’s activities.

How sustainable is your spotlight? / What if a spotlight had a fitbit?

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 16:00

In the design of interior and exterior projects lighting designers are regularly asked to consider the impact of artificial lighting on environmental ecologies. Focusing specifically on the use of spotlight fittings within interior applications, Greta and Matt will research and question what it is that makes a spotlight, and in turn a project, environmentally mindful.
They feel that current industry research is being focused on lighting efficiency, colour temperature, colour rendition and the effect on the application. There is currently not enough open conversation about the production of the actual spotlight fittings and their embodied energy. That said, with this talk Greta and Matt will be questioning the awareness of sustainable light fittings and inviting the lighting community, and specifically manufacturers, to collaborate for a better lighting future.
In their presentation they will address how to manage expectations, the sustainable production of spotlight luminaires, and explain their approach to Lighting Design.