Group discounts for attending PLDC 2018

Group discounts for attending PLDC 2018

The PLDC speakers list and accompanying programme promise a rich educational programme to support you and your team members’ continuous professional development. 

New design approaches, research findings and evidence-based design, new technologies and the growing competition in the market all make it necessary to present yourself and your team as highly creative, and the best qualified, when designers are being sought for new projects. 

PLDC in Singapore offers several opportunities for your team to further educate themselves and develop their skills and knowledge by listening to papers, attending excursions, and participating in pre-convention meetings and moderated discussions. 

If you are thinking of offering your team the chance to attend PLDC and you are considering a group booking, we would be happy to make you an official offer and grant discounts on the attendance fee.
Please contact Franziska Ritter at fritter@via-internet.com to receive an official offer, indicating how many tickets you would like to book. 

We look forward to welcoming your group in Singapore for an inspiring and educational event.