Iben Winther Orton/DK

Iben Winther Orton/DK, Lightscapes ApS

Iben Winther Orton is the Founding Partner of Lightscapes ApS, which offers independent lighting design consultancy to clients in the public and private sectors.
Iben studied in London and graduated in 1997. With her roots in theatrical lighting design, she believes in the importance of using and combining individual light sources intelligently and aesthetically on every project. Her particular expertise lies in the technically demanding combination of daylight and artificial lighting.
She has worked in all areas of lighting design, from concept to technical specification and implementation and designed lighting for museums, galleries and cultural institutions, landscapes and exteriors as well as therapeutic, historic, commercial, industrial, retail and residential environments.

As a trained leader and project manager, she has experience ranging from small and medium scale, to highly complex projects, where communicating with multi-disciplinary teams and process management are key factors to project performance and economy. She has a solid approach to achieving tasks and objectives, is decisive and retains perspective in projects that run for longer periods.

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The power of concept, colour, time and natural light

Presentation date. 27. October
Presentation time: 11:05

In this presentation, Iben Winther Orten will focus specifically on museum-related lighting design issues and choices. She will explain her theories about storytelling in museums to enable people to make sense of their surroundings, about using colour in museum lighting, and how powerful the order in which we see colours can be. Furthermore, Iben will emphasise how important time is for future lighting design and what possibilities there are on the horizon. Last, but not least, the power of natural light will be discussed and why it is so complex to work with natural light.
The presentation is intended to induce debate related to a number of key issues on four themes, selected based on questions that clients currently care most about.