Johanna Enger/SE

Johanna Enger/SE

Johanna Enger is a PhD student in Environmental Psychology and Lighting Design at Lund University in Sweden, and holds a BA in Industrial Design and an MSc in Lighting Design. Over the years, she has been involved in and conducted a number of different projects in which design is combined with other areas such as art, sustainable development, innovation and light and colour research.

Johanna’s ongoing PhD project is part of a major research project, in which she and Lund University are collaborating with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and a number of companies in the lighting and real estate industry. The aim is to develop a concept model and tools for the evaluation and planning of lighting installations, based on definitions of visual and emotional light quality.

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The art of measuring the experience of light

Presentation date: 27. October
Presentation time: 17:45

The experience of light is a sensory process and yet the only established concepts we have to describe light quality are based on physical units. Light in the sense of light radiation can be measured physically, but light in terms of the experience created when the beam of light hits the retina is sensory and therefore both relative and complex. Johanna Enger’s presentation will describe a major research project, the overall objective of which was to create definitions of light quality based on the visual and emotional aspects of the light experience.