Karo Mende/JP

Kaoru Mende/JP, Lighting Planners Associates

Kaoru Mende was born in Tokyo and has a Bachelor and Master degree in Industrial and Environmental Design from Tokyo University of Art. He founded Lighting Planners Associates Inc. in 1990. Projects to date include the Tokyo International Forum, JR Kyoto Station, Sendai Mediatheque, Roppongi Hills, Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims, Kyoto State Guest House, National Museum of Singapore, the lighting master plan for Singapore city centre, Alila Villas Uluwatu, the Gardens by the Bay, Tokyo Station, Aman Tokyo, and Gifu Media Cosmos.

Kaoru is the acting head of the “Lighting Detectives”, a group that specializes in the study of the culture of lighting, and is a member of the Architectural Institute of Japan, the IESNA, the IALD, and the Japan Design Committee (JDC), and has won a number of significant awards.

He is a visiting professor at Musashino Art University, and a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of Art, and has authored a number of books on lighting design and techniques including “Lighting Design for Urban Environments and Architecture” and “Designing with Shadow”.

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Future of urban lighting design with new technologies

In recent years there has been increased popular interest in urban lighting as well as rising expectations as to how it is designed. Although “safety” followed by “beauty” has been the sequence of priorities in the development of urban lighting so far, there is a growing need to also include “sustainability”, “comfort” and “uniqueness” in our scope of consideration.
The evolution of light all began with the candle flame. In the 17th century it went through oil, gas, incandescent light, discharge light sources, and finally to where we are now: LED. “Smart lighting” has become the buzzword that the lighting industry has embraced as the advancement of technology. But amid all this hype, the key question we should be asking is: “How should we connect this fast-paced technological development with people’s lives and urban contexts?”
This talk will comprise an analysis of various urban night scenerios, potential future urban lighting missions, and the speaker’s opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of new lighting technology and IT.