Lighting Detectives investigate Marina Bay

Lighting Detectives investigate Marina Bay

PLDC is proud to announce that the Lighting Detectives initiative will be organising a night walk for professionals during the convention entitled “Heroes and Villains – A Lighting Detectives Night Walk for Professionals”.

The mission of the Lighting Detectives is to search for a better relationship between humanity and light by praising heroes and censuring villains. However, there is a fine line separating these entities. A hero to some may be seen as a villain to others. It all depends on the age, sex and nationality of the observer, and the period in which the observation is made.

The goal is to go to places where light is found and observe, detect, and gather experience to understand lighting on a deeper level. Leave your books behind and go out into the streets where physical examples of lighting can be found.

About the Lighting Detectives:

The Lighting Detectives is a non-profit group founded in 1990 by Lighting Planners Associates, dedicated to the study of lighting culture through practical methods, mainly by engaging in fieldwork. The initiative is passionate about raising awareness of our present lighting environment. Their goal is to broaden people’s understanding lighting on a deeper level, working together with persons of all ages and backgrounds.

Visit their website for more information: http://shomei-tanteidan.org/

Registration has been closed. Please drop an email to sherri_goh@lighting.co.jp for further queries.

Agenda: Put on your detective cap and raise your magnifying glass! We will be on the hunt for the heroes and villains of light in the Singapore nightscape.

The area covered: Marina Bay Sands Waterfront to the Merlion at Fullerton Promenade. The walk will take place around the Marina Bay area. From the completion of land reclamation in 1992, Marina Bay has grown and developed into Singapore’s iconic skyline. With skyscrapers, heritage buildings and a spectacular water show aligned with the Waterfront Promenade, there is no lack of personality in the well-executed masterplan developed by URA, which comprises commercial, residential, hotel and entertainment uses.

Target group: Lighting professionals who are interested in seeing a different perspective of the iconic nightscape and want to be part of the active dialogue as to what contributes to a good lighting environment. We welcome professionals from the lighting industry in Singapore and overseas.

Date: Friday, 26. October, 2018
Time: 19.00 – 21.00
Meeting point: Rain Oculus water fountain at the MBS event space opposite Spectra
What to bring: Yourself, a camera (camera phones are sufficient), note-taking materials and an umbrella in case of wet weather.
Fee: SGD 5 in cash at the meeting point (for coffee at the discussion venue).