The best control is no control

Lighting Solutions Singapore Silver Sponsor: The best control is no control

Lighting Solutions established in 2009, is a one-stop solution for lighting and lighting management system. Lighting Solutions is a distributor, a creator, provider of smart solutions and a specialist in lighting customisation using the Internet of Things. 

With the compliments and strategic partnership with RISE, COLORS & LUMANI, Lighting Solutions not only transform spaces into well illuminated environment, but also implements human centric lighting approach to promote wellness and uses IOT technology to deliver the best value for their customers.

RISE LIGHTING has accumulated 30 years of working experience and reputation with both architects and designers across 60 countries. When it comes to the construction and aesthetic design of their product, they pay huge attention to cover every detail aspect such as the body structure, light form, photo electronic and thermos dissipation. Elegant and practicality have always been their nickname.    

COLORS has developed into a national high-tech enterprise, redefining the function and application mode of linear lighting which has broken the constraints on traditional lighting system. Infinite creativeness are stimulated in the collision of lines and arcs as well as unrestricted flow and move of light in space.

Lumani, a smart lighting technology provider who builds automation and artificial intelligence with our patented technology called LumaZones – delivering benefits beyond just energy savings. The AI in our system collates data for more efficient space management together with autonomous feature to help relieve the need for human control.