Luci invites attendees for a drink at the Atlas Bar

Silver Partner and excursion drinks sponsor

Established as a lighting division of Proteras Co. Ltd. in 2004, and launched as its own brand in 2005, Luci have since gained international respect for their excellent range of lighting products from Japan, their products all having been subjected to reliability testing under strict company standards and Japanese factory management criteria.
Luci have expanded their global presence and now have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai. Born in the land of the rising sun, Luci have found their way into the hearts and minds of lighting consultants and distributors around the world. The focus on simplicity and harmony, as shown in the product range, is backed by intrinsic Japanese values. Other than the cultural aspect, as a company Luci believes in the importance of understanding the modern demands of the ever-changing lighting industry, investing in research on lighting applications in the medical, horticultural and technological fields.
Although a relatively young brand in the market, Luci is proud to be recognized as the brand of choice by the majority. All this is possible as a result of the undeniable pioneering spirit behind Luci from the start. Luci products already feature in a number of impressive projects. Along with the strong and active support of the industry, Luci will continue to strive for perfection in every project to come.


Luci is the official drinks sponsor for the Atlas Bar Excursionregister now to secure a seat and enjoy a special drink after the guided tour!