Marinella Patetta/IT

Marinella Patetta/IT, Metis Lighting

Marinella Patetta first earned a degree in Architecture followed by a Master in Lighting Design at the Politecnico di Milano, founding the firm Metis Lighting together with Claudio Valènt in 1989. Metis deals exclusively with lighting design and the industrial design of lighting equipment.
The company designs a wide range of projects for private and public spaces, outdoor and indoor. The goal is to achieve environments where light is totally integrated into the architecture so it becomes part of the building itself.

Lighting design for different areas, each with visual needs, standards and characteristics, requires the careful choice of the best luminaires and sources, and consequently gives rise to constant growth in terms of experience and know-how, which can be reinvested in the design of new equipment.
In the last few years Marinella has also been teaching and pursuing research activities in the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. She is a founding member of the Italian lighting designers’ association APIL.

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Light and materials: adding uniqueness to a hospitality project through custom design

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 16:55

Light without materials would be invisible. Therefore materials, reflections, refractions are essential to make light legible. When this principle is turned into practice, a visible language of unique lighting effects is the result.
Marinella Patetta will present different hospitality projects with a focus on custom lighting fixtures where materialities are integral to the lighting design, becoming together representative and iconic. Some of the first and most recent works will be showcased: Bulgari Milano, London, Dubai Resorts & Residences, and Doha Airport. In all these projects, the main lighting fixtures have been designed ad hoc, creating a strong visual impact to reinforce and underline the identity of the brand.