Martin Klaasen

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Martin Klaasen is an award-winning lighting designer, design consultant, lecturer and resource speaker with more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry operating predominantly in the Asia Pacific region. Martin applies his passion for lighting design exclusively through his own company; Klaasen Lighting Design (KLD), with its head office in Singapore. Several of his designs have received national and international lighting design awards. His expertise and experience span all applications, with projects around the globe. Martin is widely respected by his peers in the industry.

Martin is also passionate about sharing his knowledge by educating his clients and the public through his public appearances and many articles in the media. A daily blog, “Light Talk”, is featured on the Professional Lighting Design magazine website and enjoys a fervent and worldwide group of followers. Martin’s first year of blogging was compiled into a book of the same name. Martin has presented at major lighting events around the world such as the Professional Lighting Design Convention in Copenhagen, WorldBex in Manilla, AceTech in Mumbai, the IES in Perth, Project Lighting in Qatar, Lux-Live in Abu Dhabi, International Light Fair in Las Vegas, as well as highly attended regional lighting events in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok and many more.