Martin Valentine/UK

Martin Valentine/UK, Ligman Lighting

Martin Valentine was appointed Global Design Director at Ligman Lighting in 2018 and has worked in the field of specialist lighting design for over 25 years. A Masters graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture, Martin has worked directly with clients, in an independent design practice, as a multidisciplinary consultant, and now in the lighting industry. At Ligman, Martin’s role has a strong focus on the European, Asian, Australasian, Middle Eastern and North American markets. His work encompasses standards, quality, technology, training and events, defining R&D for future interior and exterior product ranges and interfacing with the international lighting design community and clients.

Previously, as Lighting Expert for Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Martin’s work included publishing the award-winning new Abu Dhabi Government public lighting design standards and best practice, leading the implementation of an Emirate-wide Sustainable Lighting Strategy and overseeing the lighting design on the Municipality’s mega-projects. He is also Head of the Advisory Board & Course Director at The Lighting Institute: TLI was recently launched in the Middle East, offering lighting education courses and supporting the development of the lighting design community in the region.

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Ice and darkness: surviving winters in Antarctica

Presentation date: 27. October
Presentation time: 16:00

Just visiting Antarctica, even as a tourist is something few people have the means, or the luck, to achieve. Those who work there during the summer season are even rarer, most of these hundreds of workers leave at the end of the summer season and only some special bases remain operational twelve months a year and this means that a small handful of hardy people must live and work through an Antarctic winter. One such base is the British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI Station. 

This presentation will explore how to meet the circadian needs of humans in completely artificial environments when they are sharing space with colleagues on different work/relax shift patterns. 

Martin Valentine was responsible for the lighting design of the inside and outside areas of this space and will share his experience with the audience.