Media content for architecture – inventing a new visual language

Media content for architecture – inventing a new visual language

A workshop with Thorsten Bauer
Thursday, 25. October, 14.00 – 16.00

A digital revolution is beginning, and it is taking place within real space. We can see it manifesting in the form of media architecture that is increasingly enhancing our urban landscape by means of large-scale digital interfaces, for example. This development offers architects, lighting designers, content designers and technical providers unprecedented means to execute ambitious and expansive lighting projects. But it also poses great challenges to those attempting to create responsible and sustainable media architecture projects.  

The workshop will focus on the general approach to this field of design, and how to design moving image content for media facades. General input will be provided about Thorsten Bauer’s design philosophy, followed by a practice-oriented brainstorming session as the second part of the workshop. 

The questions underlying the media design process for architectures are as fundamental as they are challenging. The workshop therefore aims to enable attendees to gain a general understanding of this cutting-edge discipline, and then to produce some concrete design Ideas. The pioneers of this new art form are required to deal with highly interdisciplinary design tasks, and to invent a new visual language. 

As we move in this new direction, light sources become pixels, video content becomes architecture and screens become architectural lighting. By definition, the media design process includes an architectural approach as well as a deeper understanding of lighting design. In this context, the moving image needs to be considered a fundamental part of the architectural Identity. 

Distinctiveness, durability and reliability are important for establishing urban identity. How can architecture that is in a constant state of change establish a durable and commonly shared Identity? How can moving images define the specific identity of a spatial environment?

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