Meike Gössling/DE/HK

Meike Gössling/DE/HK and Dr. Karsten Ehling/DE – Holistic lighting design for Changi Singapore Airport Terminal 4

Meike Gössling holds a Master of Architectural Lighting Design. She has been working for Lichtvision since 2006 and moved to Hong Kong in 2012, where she is now the Head of the Hong Kong Lichtvision Office.
Karsten is the Managing Director of Lichtvision. He is largely responsible for strategy and the business development of the group as well as communication with clients and workflow between the offices. Besides developing lighting concepts, he is mainly involved in daylighting projects.
Karsten received his doctorate in 1997 from the Technical University of Berlin where he pursued research on the use of daylight in architecture. In the same year he founded Lichtvision with his partners Carla Wilkins, Thomas Müller and Raoul Hesse. Since 2008, he has been a regular lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Wismar, Germany, and is occasionally a guest lecturer at other universities throughout Europe and Asia.