Nour Moussawi/FR

Nour Moussawi/FR

Nour Moussawi is an architect and urban lighting designer working in France. After gaining a degree in Architecture in 2008, she studied Architecture and Urban Lighting to Master’s level. Nour is currently studying for a PhD in Architecture.
In her professional career, she has gained experience in architecture and lighting in Lebanon and France. She has also taught at the School of Architecture in Grenoble. 

Interactive lighting in the urban realm: the process of creating ambiences

Presentation date: 27. October
Presentation time: 12:00

This paper is based on the experimental part of Nour Mousawi‘s PhD research, which explores new ways of creating interactive lighting ambiences in the urban realm. Urban lighting and the night-time image of the cities around the world have undergone great changes in the last few years – often related to technological developments, but also to changing urban lifestyles. She will present a methodological process that would be beneficial for urban lighting projects in the present day (transitional phase) and in the future, taking users’ needs into account and promoting specific activities related to specific contexts. The presentation also underlines the importance of carrying out in-situ experiments and observing the effect of non-static lighting.