Ong Swee Hong/SG

Ong Swee Hong/SG, Bradston Partnership Inc.

Ong Swee Hong is the director of Brandston Partnership Inc. in Singapore.

She studied Architecture before embarking on her career as a lighting designer. Swee Hong has worked on a wide range of projects and was involved in the curatorial organisation of the 2014 iLight Marina Bay Light Art Festival in Singapore.

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Illuminating experiences

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 10:10

With the current technological advancements connecting the world, and the increasing number of globetrotters, the hospitality industry will need to evolve in order to create, customise and tailor different experiences for the wide range of ‘demanding’ groups of individuals. Travellers no longer desire a secluded paradise where they are removed from the rest of the world, but long to be part of a community, and engaged and welcomed by new experiences. Lighting design is all about creating the appropriate ambience, and has to move beyond the selection of the appropriate fittings, understanding the advanced technology behind the various methods for controlling light. In a nutshell: being aware of hardware aspects, and moving towards the “heart-ware” of understanding the emotive and psychological qualities of light in space.