Online Media Partner Lux-n-Lum


We are happy to announce that Lux-n-Lum has accepted to be an Online Media Partner of PLDC 2018.

 Lux-n-Lum is an online resource created specifically for growing community interested in lighting applications, design and light art. Here, we showcase the latest trends in lighting technology, revolutionary products & innovative design projects.

A section has been dedicated solely to established as well as upcoming lighting designers which highlights their works and details. Our aim is to become a complete lighting resource for our readers covering all the possible aspects of lighting industry. Lux-n-Lum provides immense possibilities for advertising & marketing your brand, products & services to relevant target audience across all geographies mainly – lighting designers, architects, interior designers, electrical consultants, light artists as well as lighting professionals and consumers.

Lux-n-Lum is an online medium that links all the stakeholders in the lighting industry in an allembracing gesture and offers a diverse, coherent resource for information sharing.

Media Cateogories

  • Articles
  • Product Reviews
  • Technology
  • Projects
  • Lighting Applications
  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • Web Banners
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing