Partner City St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

We are happy to announce that St. Petersburg has accepted to be a Partner City of PLDC 2018.

The City of St. Petersburg and ITMO University are presenting a smart planning platform for better long-term lighting strategy and goals fulfillment. The software provides city authorities with a decision-making tool based on aggregated urban data, foresight methods and unique metrics to quantify the quality of urban lighting environment and energy efficiency. By setting up quantified goals which are automatically converted into one-year work plans a city can now monitor its performance and keep to its initial strategy over time. In addition to the basic metrics such as safety, comfort and energy efficiency the software helps to quantify and maintain the approved city branding strategy at night regardless of changes in the investment climate and government. The platform serves as an objective common ground for both city authorities and designers to support the sustainable and consistent development of the urban lighting environment in a 30 to 50-year perspective.