Partner Event LICHT 2018 in Davos

23. European Conference on Lighting

We are happy to announce that LICHT 2018 has accepted to be a Partner Event of PLDC 2018.

There are many reasons to go to Davos but not a single one not to go.

LICHT2018 will open its doors in a few weeks. From 9 till 12 September 2018, German speaking lighting experts from Europe will meet in Davos.

A hundred presentations will be delivered in four parallel lecture rooms.

What is going on in the lighting world today?

– Creative lighting solutions will be introduced and discussed
– The role of light in SmartCity
– What could be a first pragmatic step towards dynamic street lighting?
– Sensor technology as a revolution in modern lighting – technologies and their fields of application
– Current lighting techniques
– Some form of intelligence should be present in future lighting technology
– Latest news from research and technology – what the next steps in the development of LED technology will be
– The Swiss State’s strategy clearly presented

Three days full of exciting discussions, speeches, a versatile accompanying programme and certainly many new contacts in the middle of a breathtaking mountain world.



A vast exhibition will show the products modern lighting technology can offer.

Registration and information: www.licht2018.ch or info@slg.ch