Photizo – Smart City solutions in Singapore

Photizo – Smart City solutions in Singapore

Photizo is dedicated to enabling the development of intelligent and sustainable cities, improving the quality of life in cities today and for future generations.  Photizo specializes in the development and integration of intelligent IoT solutions that are focused on supporting cities and people’s movement within them.

Give the increasing demand for cutting-edge intelligent solutions, Photizo offers unique products such as the Smart IOT Pole. Working closely with partners and solutions providers, Photizo’s expertise and experience in the field of IoT controls enables them to offer customised technology solutions that are both innovative and scalable – opening up new possibilities and linking these directly with the needs arising from commercial companies, city planners and the urban landscape.


Photizo will be hosting an exclusive Press Briefing and a Signing Ceremony in conjunction with PLCD 2018 – see their press release here.