Rick Morrison/AU

Rick Morrison/AU, Jenarick Consulting

Originally receiving certification as a Lighting Designer in 1986, Rick Morrison qualified from QUT University with a Master Degree in Lighting Design in 2007, effectively combining his extensive experience with up-to-date knowledge in most areas of lighting design.
As an active member of the IES (the Illuminating Engineering Society) since admission as a member in 1986, Rick is at the pinnacle of his profession and offers clients the highest level of expertise in lighting design backed by over 27 years of experience in all segments of the lighting industry – manufacture, wholesaling, retailing, detail design and installation.

Rick is a specialist in transport tunnels, urban areas and streetscape, entertainment and theatrical venues, hospitals and other public institutions. Sustainable thinking is a core value to Rick, which is demonstrated in his involvement in Environmental and Ecological Impact Studies for resource extraction, urban interfacing with ecologically sensitive zones, and spill lighting evaluations.
Rick has received many awards from the IES, and achieved the qualification of Registered Lighting Practitioner (RLP) in 2011.

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Is integration the only thing holding us back? A review of recent IoDT projects in Australia

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 16:55

The audience will gain an insight into the complexities of creating a public space “Smart City” environment – and an understanding of the difficulties faced when integrating hardware and software that speak different types of computer languages.
Design lies at the core of success, and not just lighting design. A multidisciplinary approach is required with integration and cooperation between lighting design, electrical engineering, communications, wireless technology, fibre optics, urban design plus civil, structural and architectural engineering. With this in place, the audience will then see that after design comes a practical integration, enabled with the aid of workshops that include installers and on-site personnel, and that only after this can the design be documented in a way that leads to a successful installation. Rick will also touch on the peripheral issues of local politics, privacy laws and information gathering.