Rosco upgrade to Silver

Rosco upgrade to Silver

Founded in 1910 and celebrating 107 years in business, Rosco is a global leader and the world’s largest manufacturer in the effects and themed lighting industry. The successes achieved led Rosco to design and manufacture a comprehensive product range that extends into decorative lighting, interior design and architecture.

Rosco Architectural Lightings solutions include:

  • Compact and sleek decorative LED fixtures perfect for retail lighting, museums and other architectural installations
  • Vibrant and adaptable LED tapes designed to provide crisp and powerful light
  • Slim profile, edge-lit LED panels for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting
  • Effects lighting projectors that provide large scale light effects or soft spot illumination for artwork in museums, hospitality and retail venues
  • Gobos used to recreate logos, shapes, shadows and textures with light
  • Permacolor Dichroic Glass used to colour hot light sources that require long-lasting, high-quality filters.
  • Fluorescent sleeves for correcting, adding colour, and blocking UV on fluorescent lights

A truly multi-national company, Rosco maintains fully-staffed businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, and Spain. Rosco’s headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut, with other U.S. facilities near Austin, Texas and in Sun Valley, California.