Silvia Tripsa/RO

Silvia Tripsa/RO, TREI

Silvia Tripsa is a lighting designer with an architectural background. She studied Architecture in Sevilla/ES and in Timisoara/RO before enrolling for the Master’s programme in Architectural Lighting Design at KTH in Stockholm/SE. During her studies, she also participated in a Daylight course at KTH. Alongside her academic education, she interned at architecture firms in Romania, Austria and Chile and is working on the team of organisers who are preparing the LightEdu Symposium 2018 in Timisoara/RO.  Currently she is working for atelier TREI in Timisoara/RO. 

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The value of light in contemporary memorials

Presentation date: 27. October
Presentation time: 11:05

After studying a series of contemporary memorials over the last years, Silvia Tripsa concluded that an effective memorial has certain attributes that create a stronger link between them and the public. Silvia will present a guideline for designers working with memorials. She will discuss what needs to be taken into consideration: symbolism, emotions, interactivity, empathy or archival character.  

Her presentation promotes not a powerful illumination of these places, but purposefully designed lighting with a profound meaning. The audience will be convinced that light can trigger memories, and lessons we have learnt, as well as historical events that took place in our cities in the past, can be re-awakened.

Silvia will focus on the responsibility lighting designers have in creating memories, and underline the importance of having an understanding of the respective society, the place and the issues to be targeted by such lighting installations.

The talk aims to be interactive and spark a debate about the fragility of light and whether this should be regarded as an advantage or a disadvantage.