The lighting design community soon to meet in Singapore: “We like to move it!”

The lighting design community soon to meet at PLDC in Singapore: “We like to move it!”

East meets west – technology meets design – newcomers meet experienced specialists! PLDC 2018 in Singapore is not only a further step towards defining the profession and the lighting design market today – PLDC 2018 is also an expression of a new movement within the profession that we know to date. There is a lot of talk of “nothing will ever be the same as it was before”, but who really knows what it is likely to turn out to be? Debate is very wide-ranging and intense.

There are already some very clear indications on the market as to where this could be leading. Interdisciplinary structures involving related disciplines could well be one of the keys to success. And there are two ways of realizing this: either lighting designers take it upon themselves to pursue training in all fields of practice that appear to be relevant for state-of-the-art lighting design, starting with urban planning, and moving on to communication design, and light and health, and gaining know-how and expertise in the digital realm; a second approach comprises rebuilding the team that forms the basis of the design practice, involving specialists from different areas of expertise and with different skills, or working in close cooperation with such qualified experts.

But there is a further – and third – way of approaching the forthcoming challenges and being able to work successfully in future: continuing professional development on an individual basis and collaborating with experts. Those who are prepared to rise to both challenges, have an excellent chance of realizing successful design solutions in the future. These two components are what it will take to make a real and responsible change in society.

The PLDC organisers have all the papers that will be presented at their disposal: “The content is of exceptionally high quality and provides many valuable pointers for the future of lighting design and the market,” Alison Ritter, member of the PLDC Steering Committee comments. “There is a strong awareness of the need for change – and how to go about it.”

At PLDC 2018 in Singapore, the global Continuing Professional Development platform for lighting design will also be presented for the very first time: PLDCPD. The platform enables lighting designers at all levels of their career to continue to expand their knowledge and skills individually, gaining confidence and recording evidence of their learning progress, which in turn can be regarded and acknowledged as professional quality. The PLDCPD project is backed by a Supervisory Board which comprises experienced lighting designers, educators and researchers as well as leaders in the lighting industry.

PLDC 2018 in Singapore will give everyone present the opportunity to mix and mingle, listen and learn, discuss and debate – and underscore their relationship to the lighting design community and their role within it.