The PLDC 2018 motto: a smart move

A smart move

The world is changing. Following industrialisation, it is now digitalisation that will fundamentally change our civilisation as we know it. We should see this as a chance. But to benefit from this chance it is essential to make the right decisions. Because if we don’t, others will. 

In case you do not already know: light plays a key role in the way our society is reorienting itself. Stand-alone architectural lighting design is history. Today we are talking about light incorporated into networks, communication systems, living spaces, and of light and health, and light and horticulture. Light enables all these scenarios and functions. Its role is to fill them all with life.

PLDC is a platform for information and the exchange of ideas on the changes our society is undergoing where light is a key factor. PLDC is the platform where new ideas and movements are born. The fact that this will be taking place in Singapore this year is also a deliberate move. Singapore has declared its interest and intent to become a driving force when it comes to the application of light in the 21st century sense. Through PLDC, Singapore will become a hotspot with regard to paving the way to the future in light.