Thorsten Bauer/DE

Thorsten Bauer/DE, Creative Director, Media Façade Designer, Founder of Urbanscreen

Thorsten Bauer is the creative director and co-founder of Urbanscreen, a creative company which specialises in large-scale projections on urban surfaces. The installations comprise high artistic standards and a consistent architectural background – bringing together specialists from architecture, music, stage design and media-art.

He was born in 1975, studied Musicology and Sociology in Hamburg and performed as a musician and video artist. He has been working on media concepts for the public sphere since 2004 when he established Urbanscreen. Thorsten was one of the coaches in The Challenge 2016/17.

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Digital place-making

A digital revolution is beginning, and it’s taking place within the real space. We can see it manifesting in the form of media architectures that increasingly enhance our urban landscape with large scale digital interfaces, for example. This development offers architects, lighting designers, content designers and technical providers unprecedented means to execute ambitious and expansive lighting projects. But it also poses great challenges to those attempting to create responsible and sustainable media architecture projects.

To shape our future digital cities for increased livability, we must radically rethink traditional design processes. Instead, we must lean towards an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. As we move in this new direction, illuminants become pixels, video content becomes architecture and screens become architecture lighting. Designers are forced to create Contents that will shape the Identity of architectures,  or even the Identity of whole cities. We have to pose the question how a Media Designer should create Content that has to be considered as a substantial part of the urban Identity. Are our future city’s designed by Motion graphic artists? What is the role of Architects and lighting Designers within this fundamental change of city development?

The talk will be about media architecture and the increasingly high convergence between architecture, media design, lighting design and media engineering. It will question the process of developing urban Identity’s in both directions – for those who create it, and for those who live in it. It will reveal the huge task we are heading with all its problems and unintentional side effects and poses a hopeful prospect, why we should nevertheless do it.  

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