Ya-Hui Cheng/TW/AU

Ya-Hui Cheng/TW/AU, Light Poetic International

Ya-Hui Cheng is the Founder and Design Director of Light Poetic International. She holds an undergraduate degree in Interior Design from CYCU in Taiwan, a Daylighting Design postgraduate qualification from KTH in Sweden, and a Master’s degree in Architectural Lighting Design from Hochschule Wismar in Germany in 2006.

Ya-Hui is well-versed on the interaction between daylighting and artificial lighting design. She gained professional experience as an interior designer before becoming a lighting designer. She has run and designed projects of various scales from luxury resort hotels, high-end residential projects and boutique shops in China, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai and France.
Ya-Hui has travelled internationally, and demonstrates strong cultural sensitivity in her designs. Her works are inspired by the light in nature, the authenticity of culture and the spirit of the space.
She is a professional member of IALD and a certified lighting designer (CLD). In 2015, she was invited to speak at PLDC in Rome/IT. In 2016, she received the prestigious IALD international lighting design award and in 2017, she received both the IES International Illumination Award of Merit and Award of Excellence in the USA.

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Insight into hotel lighting design for the ultimate destination

Presentation date: 26. October
Presentation time: 12:00

This presentation is about a hotel lighting project and the design philosophy behind it. The project will be presented in three parts: façade lighting design, lighting design in (interior) public areas, and the conclusion, which will further discuss the lighting atmosphere that hotel lighting designers aim to achieve on both a psychological and philosophical level.
Besides the lighting design concept, details and how the project was realized will be illustrated using well taken photos. The audience will enjoy contemplating what it is that drives the look and the thinking behind hotel lighting, which is a highly varied lighting design typology.